ABS Stress/ Fidget Spinner Black

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Product Description

This small gadget is great for people with fidgety hands, ADHD, anxiety, stress, boredom, and OCD. It can help you stay focused and quit bad habits.

Directions: Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. With practice, spinners can use one hand or only with one finger to stop and start spinning.

This fidget spinner has a smooth, quiet centre bearing providing a great base for it to spin for over 3 minutes!

Made from high quality, durable material which won’t rust.

A conveniently pocket-sized item, you can take it wherever you go.

A perfect gift for adults and children.

This performance spinner is injection molded from ABS plastic. This results in a better finish, higher strength, and much higher shatter resistance when compared to more common 3D printed spinners.

The 3 additional bearings around the sides have been chosen for their slightly higher weight, which gives the spinner long spins.

Diameter: 3.0 inches(7.6CM)
Thickness: 0.28 inches(0.7CM)
Weight: 50 grams


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